27 - 29 October 2020

Virtual Expo

Alexis Pangalos

Managing Partner 

bloog GmbH

Alexis Pangalos recently co-founded the consultancy bloog together with Sahar Lemanczyk and Stefan Wiech. The three of them share the believe that digital transformation is a transformation of people and their habits. It will change how the industry works and how work processes will be designed. Making this change a sustainable success for the people and the industry is why they founded bloog.

Alexis has advised on numerous automation projects in the transport industry in Europe and the US, being an expert consultant on automation and system integration. Automation creates a shift of responsibilities from humans to machines. Its success depends heavily on trust: the trust of people towards technology but also the trust among the involved stakeholders. Alexis talent to connect with people and his knowledge of operations and technology is a key component for the success of automation projects.


Alexis studied mathematics and computer science and he has a PhD in mathematics.