27 - 29 October 2020

Virtual Expo

Sebastian Simon

Product Manager Port


Since four and a half years, Mr. Sebastian Simon is part of the product management team at the Liebherr MCCtec in Rostock with main responsibilities in Reachstackers and Mobile Harbour Cranes.

This position combines the sights from the market, engineering and economy of maritime products. To bring these three aspects in line is his main task with the aim to introduce new, innovative products into the market, like the purely
electric portal crane LPS 420E which was launched in 2018.

Coming from the automotive sector Mr. Simon brings the view from an industry that is already undergoing drastic transformation in terms of digitalization, sustainability and automation.

Already during his mechanical engineering studies, he deepened his knowledge in alternative drives, which developed into a passion that is now the basis of his work at the Liebherr Group.