27 - 29 October 2020

Virtual Expo

How Online Exhibiting works at TOC Americas Virtual Expo

Register & Login

You will receive a welcome email with your login credentials and details to access the event platform. 

Navigate to the event platform, click on “Login” and activate your account by using your email and badge/registration ID.

Submit a business profile

Click on ‘Profile’ and make sure your profile is up to date:

  • Upload a picture
  • Enter your personal details.

Having a complete profile will allow you to make more meaningful connections.

Start networking & request meetings


Click on "Home" and under the ‘Network’ section, you will find your networking features:

Recommended for You: Review and take action on the recommendations we have made you. Here are the different actions you can take on people:

  • Skip: you are not interested in this person
  • Interested: you are interested and would like to spark a conversation
  • Meet: you want to request a meeting with that person

Interested in you: See the people who have shown interest in you

My connections: Once you have a mutual interest with someone or a scheduled meeting, you will be able to open a chat with them

My ‘Interested’ list: See a list of people who you have shown interest in

My ‘Skip’ list: See a list of people who you have skipped

View event agenda & review your personalised schedule 

Go to the "Event Agenda" tab. In this section, you can discover our unmissable line-up and bookmark the sessions you are interested in attending.

Go to "My Schedule". In this section, you will be able to keep track of the meetings you have requested and scheduled and the sessions you will be attending.

Watch the sessions you have bookmarked

Go to "My Schedule". At the date and time of the session you are attending, click on the "Watch Live Stream" button to access the session.

Attend your virtual meetings

There is no need to download any additional software. You will be able to access the virtual meeting room for any given scheduled meeting directly within the web platform via the "My Schedule" tab. 

Virtual meeting rooms are only available for scheduled meetings (if the meeting is pending or cancelled, the virtual meeting room will be unavailable). 

A Virtual Meeting Room will be clickable 5 mins before the scheduled meeting. 

Click on "Open Virtual Meeting Room" to attend your meeting.

You can go in and out of the Virtual Meeting Room within the scheduled meeting time, however, once the meeting time has expired you will be unable to access the Virtual Meeting Room. 

The meeting duration is not limited once you are in the virtual meeting room. 

Inside the virtual meeting room, you’ll be able to

  • Review the profile of the person you are meeting
  • Send a message to the person you are meeting
  • Share your screen

Explore "Teams"

Go to the “Teams” tab to use the different features available to you and your team:

  • Meetings: Recap of all the meetings you and colleagues have requested and scheduled 
  • Smart Calendar: Generate a team calendar link to send to your clients
  • Inbound Leads: Access the list of people interested in your company and colleagues
  • Contacts: View the list of your collective event connections, made up of the people you and your colleagues have connected with or have a scheduled meeting with
  • Team Members: See your team members profiles, edit them and invite additional team members
  • Company profile: View and edit your company profile
  • Export: Export a CSV file of your team's scheduled meetings and contacts

Review the "More" section

Under the "More" section, you will find:

  • The Visitor Directory: See the full list of visitors attending TOC Americas Virtual Expo, request meetings and/or show interest in them
  • The Exhibitor Directory: See the full list of exhibitors attending TOC Americas Virtual Expo
  • ExpoThe Product Directory: See a full list of the product offering at TOC Americas Virtual Expo

To find out more about exhibiting contact our sales team:

Krystjan Chanerley
Sales Executive

Tel: +44 (0)20 7921 8223
 Email Krystjan

Vinay Sud
Event & Conference Sales Executive

Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 4352
 Email Vinay

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