27 - 29 October 2020

Virtual Expo

TOC Americas Virtual Expo’s 9 pillars on how to overcome the economic crisis

Digital venue to address the industry’s both contingent and inherent problematics

As days all seem the same and the calendar appears to speed up between weeks, the wait for the date in late-October for the TOC Americas Virtual Expo digital debut is going by fast. The dynamic nature of the pandemic changes the scenario each week and with seven months into the year 2020 we’re just seeing projections of what the rest of the year might look like, considering both the contingency related problems - such as disruption of the supply chain, less consumer demand, sanitary restrictions that condition/limit port operations, etc.-, and the long list of inherent industry issues such as the challenges of the digital revolution, IMO 2020, automation, port infrastructure, sustainability and key trends in the container and bulk businesses.

The TOC Americas Virtual Expo will address all these issues in 9 pillars that will support the event -together with the virtual exhibition and networking activities-, covering all grounds of what is relevant today for overcoming the economic crisis the coronavirus has brought on (Post-COVID: emerging from lockdown, economic impact & road to recovery) and dealing with the long-term challenges that were here before and will remain long after the COVID-19 storm is over (Liner strategy & stabilization and
Accelerating Digitalization.)

3 x 3

During the three days of presentations there will be three panels every day to address the contingency issues, the industry topics and the digitalization era, constituting the 9 pillars of the TOC Americas Virtual Expo.

Day 1 - Tuesday October 27 The Trade Outlook 2020 session will discuss the COVID-19 related economic scenario in the region and around the world. Needless to say, Latin America is going through a rough patch as confinement has brought a drop in economic activity that has the IMF projecting the region’s economy to shrink by 9.4% and bring with it the worst recession on record, with GDPs taking a hard blow of around 7.5% in major economies such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia while Peru could even see a drop in gross domestic product of 14.5%. The Automation Debate on the second slot of the day will focus on discussing automation solutions that came into conversation a couple of years back and are now taking over ports and terminals. The day will finalize with Port Operations: the new normal, projecting which coronavirus protocols will remain in the long run and how social distancing changed the way we work forever.

Day 2 - Wednesday October 28 will start with Port Expansion, Infrastructure & Investment, followed by Accelerating Digitalization and will end with Green Port Tech & Operations. The sessions of the second day will provide insight into what ports are investing in in terms of physical and digital infrastructure, as well as the broad spectrum of digital applications that had a somewhat timid debut and are now in full swing thanks to social distancing and the proliferation of remote work.

The third and final day - Thursday October 29 - will analyze the container and bulk industries with The bulk shipping outlook and Liner Shipping updates. Both shipping businesses face similar problems when it comes to trade routes and ports & terminals, but they also have their very own set of problematics such as box return, warehousing, inland logistics, stevedoring, etc. A talk on Risk &
Resilience will end the three-day event putting into perspective what the pandemic is teaching us every day: asses risk, prepare for the worst, have contingency plans, be flexible.

Each day of presentations will have three time slots. The first presentation will always be at

08:00 Los Angeles (GMT -7); 10:00 Lima (GMT -5); 11:00 Miami (GMT -4); London (BST +1)

The second slot will be at 11:00 Los Angeles, 13:00 Lima, 14:00 Miami and 18:00 London, while the third slot of the day will begin at 13:00 Los Angeles, 15:00 Lima, 16:00 Miami and 20:00 London.

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By MundoMaritimo