27 - 29 October 2020

Virtual Expo

The TOC Americas Virtual Expo breakdown

Digital event will include visibility to exhibitors, webinars, and networking

Electronic versions of massive physical events are now the ‘new normal’. The 2020 version of the traditional TOC Americas conference -to be held in Lima, Peru- already announced its transformation into a digital venue and we have the breakdown of the look and feel of the virtual gathering. “In light of the ongoing challenges surrounding COVID-19, and after close consultation with industry partners we have made the proactive decision to transition TOC Americas 2020 into a full-scale digital event. TOC Americas Virtual Expo will offer visibility to exhibitors, matchmaking opportunities and a series of
webinars all of which will take place on the original show dates of 27 - 29 October 2020,” reads a release from TOC Events. 

Balance of old and new

The combination of old and new is perfectly balanced in the TOC Americas Virtual Expo, to offer the same ‘feel’ of the experience but with the digital ‘look’. The TOC Americas event has stood out from the crowd due to its core  values: visibility, connections and innovation. Albeit in a different format, these values are still at the center of the event with its three key features: Virtual exhibition; webinar series; matchmaking opportunities.

The Virtual exhibition equals the physical exhibition part of the event. Despite the fact that there will be no direct interaction between exhibitors and attendees, the virtual experience offers access to a much larger audience and at much lower costs and not to mention a much, much lower environmental footprint. 

The webinar series is the equivalent of the live conference. The content is the same high-quality as ever, but with the added benefit of the safety and comfort of everyone’s home. As always, the discussions will focus on the latest industry trends, with expert analysis and the participation of the key actors from within the regional landscape of maritime trade and supply chain.

Finding a replacement activity for the networking part of the event was a total challenge, as TOC Americas’ offers great experiences in this area which lead to forging long-lasting professional relationships between industry members. In the digital sphere this part of the event will be the Matchmaking opportunities. The TOC Americas Virtual Expo format will deliver incredible new matchmaking opportunities between attendees, making sure the right connections are made to maximize the business potential of each contact.

In with the new

This does not necessarily mean ‘out with the old’. The TOC Americas Virtual Expo will be the best opportunity to put to the test the latest technologies to help deliver the experience right to each attendees’ screen, weather they’re on a desktop or mobile device, at the office, at home or even -if they’re lucky enough- in the comfort of a holiday home.

Someday the pandemic will no longer be a life-threat to all of us, but until then digital events are here to stay and here are some reasons to attend the TOC Americas Virtual Expo this October:

  • Promote your company to an engaged audience via product uploads, videos, digital
    brochures and more
  • Real-time live chat and 1-1 calls between attendees
  • Live streaming of webinars on only the hottest industry topics
  • Advanced networking features enabling you to fully engage online e.g. exchange business cards, build personalised “buddy” lists
  • Detailed data capture and post-event attendee analytics for CRM and targeted marketing

For more information on how to attend click here