27 - 29 October 2020

Virtual Expo

GOOD NEWS! TOC Americas is going virtual - you can now access the show online

In light of the ongoing challenges surrounding COVID-19, and after close consultation with industry partners we have made the proactive decision to transition TOC Americas 2020 into a full-scale digital event. TOC Americas Virtual Expo will offer visibility to exhibitors, matchmaking opportunities and a series of webinars all of which will take place on the original show dates of 27 – 29 October 2020. Register your interest >

The Americas event for people who own, move & handle containerised cargo

TOC Americas is part of a global portfolio of events that bring together stakeholders of the container supply chain to learn, debate and network.

TOC has long been considered best in class by container terminal operators and their suppliers. The TOC of today has evolved into a complete container supply chain event, delivering both technical content and also offering a platform to the stakeholders higher up in the cargo chain.

Therefore,  there are now two distinct elements of the event:

The exhibition is a showcase for port & terminal technology and operations plus free technical seminars (including TECH TOC & BULK) aimed at terminal operators and their suppliers. Technology and service providers come together to showcase cutting edge solutions to their clients, the terminal operators and ports.

The high-level Container Supply Chain Conference which is co-located with each TOC event, is aimed at C-Suite strategic personnel including shippers, carriers and 3pl’s as well as the global operators and port authorities. In 2020 many of the conversations within the conference will focus on Digitalization & Disruption from the viewpoint of the key stakeholders within the container supply chain.

The common denominator in each of these forums is The Port. The port is firmly established as the critical link within the container supply chain. Any bottle necks or delays that occur at the quayside or port hinterland, dramatically affect the time it takes for cargo to arrive at its destination. Ports therefore need to process cargo in a timely and cost effective manner using the latest technology on the market to do so. At TOC we place the port at the centre of the supply chain in line with our 40-year history and heritage. 

TOC Americas has been running since 2001 where it began in Miami. The 20th edition will be held in Lima, Peru.

Find out more about the different elements of TOC Americas
container supply chain conference

Container Supply Chain Conference

A high-level conference attended by representatives of the whole container supply chain.

Port Technology Exhibition

Port Technology Exhibition

Meet port equipment manufacturers, second tier suppliers & port services providers showcasing the latest innovations.

TECH TOC Conference

TECH TOC Conference

A conference track dedicated to the latest advancements in container terminal operations.

TECH TOC Conference

BULK Conference

A conference track dedicated to the latest advancements in container terminal operations.