Overview - TECH TOC Conference

The TECH TOC Conference is one of three conference tracks at TOC Americas.  Paying delegates & free visitors can attend this conference.  

Terminal Transformation & Innovation

Seizing Opportunities in the Changing Global Economy

The annual TECH TOC Conference at TOC Americas brings together terminal operators and users with planners and designers, equipment and technology providers to discuss current industry challenges and innovative responses.

As container terminals face a perfect storm of big ships, carrier consolidation and lower growth, the focus this year will be on how to cut waste, boost efficiency and build resilient, adaptive, constantly-improving operations. Creative use of technology to save money and time, plus how to collaborate (digitally and otherwise) with customers, cargo owners and landside supply chain operators will be explored in a series of focused, free-to-attend debates, presentations and workshops.  

Sessions include:

  • Automation, Digitisation & Innovation
  • Ship to Shore Operations 
  • Energy Reduction & Clean Technologies
  • Next Generation Technologies
  • Equipment Maintenance 
  • PEMA Papers
  • Optimising Terminal Operations

    The TECH TOC Conference is the only conference track that is free-to-attend.

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New for 2017! Delegates can benefit from...

Interactive panel & roundtable discussions

  • Hear from the whole supply chain from cargo to ports at the end of day 1
  • An informative and interactive roundtable discussion

One Port tour - Two Terminals

  • A two terminal tour of the Port of Callao 
  • Attendees will visit both APM Terminals and DP World
  • Only delegates are eligible to register

Three-track conference programme

  • Container Supply Chain Conference
  • TECH TOC Conference
  • Bulk Conference
    Delegates are eligible to attend all

Comprehensive Networking Programme

  • Welcome Reception hosted by DP World Callao 
  • Evening Networking Reception hosted by APN 
  • Closing Reception hosted by Dutch Embassy

Conference App - TOC Events

  • Ask questions to the moderator anonymously 
  • Take part in industry polls
  • View the conference agendas, speaker lists, exhibitor lists and more