27 - 29 October 2020

Westin Hotel & Conference Centre, Lima, Peru

TOC Americas returns for 2020… to Peru!

April 23 2020

The coastal city of Lima – a key maritime hub of Latin America – will play host to the region’s leading event for the ports and terminal industry this coming October, in association with the Peru Port Authority.

Digital solutions will save the shipping industry billions

29 de octubre de 2019

Relentless cost pressure have forced shipping lines to embrace the wave of digitisation sweeping across the ocean container freight industry.

Frank Smet, chief commercial officer at Hamburg Sud, told delegate at the keynote session of the TOC Americas Container Supply Chain conference in Cartagena yesterday that the only way to reverse the carrier industry’s eroding margins was to eliminate the multiple additional costs it often needlessly incurs; and the best way of achieving that was through digitisation.

Puertos de Tenerife impulsará la isla como enclave ideal para el transporte de mercancías en la feria #TOCAmericas

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 29 de octubre de 2019

Puertos de Tenerife promocionará la isla como lugar estratégico para el trasbordo de mercancías en la feria TOC Américas, que reunirá del 29 al 31 de octubre en la ciudad colombiana de Cartagena a operadores, transportistas y propietarios de carga marítima de contenedores de todo el mundo. Se trata del mayor evento internacional y especializado para ejecutivos de puertos, terminales, navieras y logística para la industria portuaria y la cadena logística de contenedores.

Keynote speakers prepare for TOC Americas less than a week to kick-off

October 25 2019

It’s always a pleasure to announce the countdown to a new TOC Americas. This nineteenth version is only days away from starting, and the joint keynote speakers are getting ready to share thoughts, visions and ideas regarding the industry’s current hot topics. Manuel Gutiérrez Torres, Viceminister, Infrastructure & Director, ANI (National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia), Captain Alfonso Salas, CEO Port of Cartagena Group and Frank Smet COO Hamburg Süd are teaming up to deliver the initial presentations of the industry’s top events. 

Q&A with Cartagena

October 18 2019

Ahead of TOC Americas 2019, the TOC team sat down with Giovanni Benedetti, Head of Marketing for host Grupo Puerto de Cartagena to talk about growth as a regional hub for shipping lines, logistics providers and shippers, investment in start-ups, smart and sustainable tech, and welcoming the TOC community back for the 2nd time to coincide with the port’s 25th anniversary. 

It’s not just about the Ports and Terminals at #TOCAmericas

October 7 2019

With only three more weeks for the 19th version of the TOC Americas conference, ocean carriers are preparing their agendas to discuss what’s what with the regional shipping community. After all, its carriers that move cargo and their say plays a fundamental role in how the new industry takes shape. Hot topics such as IMO2020, digitization and other relevant issues will be discussed by delegates from Maersk, MSC, Hamburg Süd, G2Ocean, CMA CGM, Evergreen, Seaboard Marine, X-Press Feeders and many more. 


Experts to shed light on current industry hot topics at TOC Americas 2019

August 13 2019

For three days, attendees of the nineteenth version of TOC Americas will have the opportunity to learn about the industry’s new reality. Local and global experts will shed light on current hot topics, focusing on the event’s three main pillars: automation, digitalization and standardization. MundoMaritimo, exclusive representative and event media partner, accessed the complete event program and presentations schedule.


Automation & digitalisation: TOC Americas 2019 conference program

July 17 2019

Bulk, Container Supply Chain and TECH TOC will be the three main focus points for the nineteenth version of the most important maritime industry event: TOC Americas. This time, the conference will return to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, after five years thanks to the support of Grupo Puerto Cartagena.

Intermodal Solutions Group presented in the TOC Americas of Panama 2018 its existing system container bulk handling

Panama – January 11 2019

El principal de ISG -Pit To Ship Solution, Garry Pinder expuso en la edición Américas del Terminal Operator Conferences- TOC-, celebrado del 13 al 15 de noviembre del presente año sobre la temática: “Los desafíos de convertir Puertos de Contenedores en Puertos de Graneles” en el espacio denominado Bulk Seminars.

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