29 - 31 October 2019

CCCI, Cartagena, Colombia

Experts to shed light on current industry hot topics at TOC Americas 2019

August 13 2019

For three days, attendees of the nineteenth version of TOC Americas will have the opportunity to learn about the industry’s new reality. Local and global experts will shed light on current hot topics, focusing on the event’s three main pillars: automation, digitalization and standardization. MundoMaritimo, exclusive representative and event media partner, accessed the complete event program and presentations schedule.


Automation & digitalisation: TOC Americas 2019 conference program

July 17 2019

Bulk, Container Supply Chain and TECH TOC will be the three main focus points for the nineteenth version of the most important maritime industry event: TOC Americas. This time, the conference will return to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, after five years thanks to the support of Grupo Puerto Cartagena.

Intermodal Solutions Group presented in the TOC Americas of Panama 2018 its existing system container bulk handling

Panama – January 11 2019

El principal de ISG -Pit To Ship Solution, Garry Pinder expuso en la edición Américas del Terminal Operator Conferences- TOC-, celebrado del 13 al 15 de noviembre del presente año sobre la temática: “Los desafíos de convertir Puertos de Contenedores en Puertos de Graneles” en el espacio denominado Bulk Seminars.

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