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Intermodal Solutions Group presented in the TOC Americas of Panama 2018 its existing system container bulk handling

The main of ISG -Pit To Ship Solutions, Garry Pinder exhibited in the Americas edition of Terminal Operator Conferences- TOC-, held from November 13 to 15 of this year on the theme: "The challenges of converting Container Ports in Ports of Bulks "in the space called Bulk Seminars. 

With the presence of important port operators - global and regional logistics, ISG - Pit To Ship Solutions, presented in the dedicated space TECH TOC Conference - BULK SEMINARS on the handling system of bulk containers in dump integrated to the spreader or turner manufactured by RAM SPREADERS, a system that has managed to become a valid and proven solution in several global and regional projects with great success, as an environmentally sustainable alternative, socially accepted and economically profitable.

The benchmarking of the Australian (FLINDERS) and Chilean (CODELCO) cases for the handling of mineral concentrates, were presented as an example of application of the best global practices for logistic transfer of production from mine to port. Additionally, other successful regional cases were exposed in the handling of diverse commodities such as: Mexico (mineral), Peru (mineral), Argentina (soybean) and Bolivia (fertilizer).

Mr. Pinder's presentation was preceded by that of the General Manager of Puerto Mejillones, Francisco Mayol, where he gave details of the project that seeks to transform the way of storing and transferring copper concentrates. "We started construction in March of this year and we hope to have it ready in July of next year" the executive explained in his presentation.

By delving into the project - which reaches an investment of US $ 40 million - the bulk port manager located in northern Chile said that the intention is not to use a warehouse in the process, in exchange for storing the concentrates in dump containers.

"We already designed a container transfer building. For the shipment, we will make a truck transport of the container from the stacking area to the interior of this transfer building, where there will be two bridge cranes, two spreaders, which will take two containers and turn them over a hopper that goes to will feed the belts that we have today in the port ". For more information, please refer to: https://www.mundomaritimo.cl/noticias/gerente-general-de-puerto-mejillones-explico-en-tech-toc-innovador-proceso-de-operacion-de-concentrados-de-cobre.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Pinder, highlighted the welcome and good comments of the current port and mining managers at a global and regional level where the system in question is already working, and affirmed that ISG-Pit To Ship Solutions is making inroads with this technology in new places such as Ecuador, a country that is betting very strongly on the development of its nascent mining industry so it is important to highlight that the aforementioned presentation was attended by the main executives of the Ecuadorian ports of Guayaquil, Posorja and Puerto Bolívar .

TOC Americas

29 – 31 November 2019

CCCI, Cartagena, Colombia



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