Leading Peruvian International Trade Union with 44 years of experience, boost the creation of conditions for the growth of Peru and exports.Provides a integral platform of especialized services  destined to the incursion, growth and consolidation of its activities in the international trade management of the company.


CONUDFI is a private non-profit association, representing the country's exporters and importers in logistics matters. We work to facilitate foreign trade and the development of a competitive and secure logistics system, among others.


The National Port Company S.A. - ENAPU S.A., is a state-owned company under private law, assigned to the Transport and Communications Sector and subject to the rules and directives issued by the FONAFE Corporation.

ENAPU S.A. Has as purpose the administration, operation, equipment and maintenance of the terminals and piers in the Republic, whether maritime, fluvial or lacustrine, and whose work is to afford the demand for port services through the terminals under its charge.

Likewise, it has an adequate port infrastructure, with modern port equipment and technology, developed in partnership with public and private entities and having the support on the suitable human resource, trained and committed to the Company.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands plays a key role in our globalised economy, by connecting producers and consumers worldwide. Our success is based on an alignment of cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class service providers, and our coastal location at the heart of Europe. Exemplary for our position are the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port by far and the world’s fourth-largest, supported by world class logistics service providers and an extensive network of road, rail, waterways and pipelines.


The Peruvian Association of Port Operators

The Peruvian Association of Port Operators is the business union that groups the main operators and suppliers of port, logistics, and maritime services in Perú. It is the driving force for the development of foreign trade operations and its partners are the leading companies of South Pacific Coast. 

The Peruvian Association of Shipping Agents (APAM)

The Peruvian Association of Shipping Agents (APAM) gathers the Shipping Agencies operating in the ports of Peru, promotes port efficiency and development, and fosters maritime port and customs activities to increase competitiveness and enable the growth of Peruvian foreign trade.


The Peruvian Shipping Association

The Peruvian Shipping Lines Association – ASMARPE is the organisation that groups regular calling shipping lines that provide maritime transportation services to Peruvian foreign trade, which aim is to promote free competition, as well as the development and modernisation of shipping related activities, port infrastructure and maritime trade.