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1) Please tell us a little about your company and what you will be showcasing at TOC Americas 2023

At RTE, we help terminal operators improve efficiency and deliver maximum customer value by optimizing their reefer management processes. Our range of reefer monitoring products work together seamlessly to provide a customizable automated system that remotely collects data from refrigerated containers. With over 40 years of experience and innovation in reefer monitoring technology, RTE products maximize the utility of all terminal assets, essential for growing today’s reefer terminal business.

At TOC, we will showcase our GRASP reefer monitoring software, which Terminal operators can use to manage temperature information, secure and share digital records, monitor power consumption, and coordinate reefer data with TOS software. Visitors to our booth can simulate typical reefer activities and interact with our software platform.

2) Who are you hoping to meet?

Refrigerated containers are crucial for transporting fresh produce along the South-North trade routes. The terminal operators who handle reefer cargo at both ends of the maritime route are responsible for ensuring the care and quality of each container. RTE is excited to present ideas on how our GRASP reefer monitoring automation can simplify the job of these terminal operators, make their workspaces safer, and add value that increases future business opportunities for them.

3) Why is the American market so important to you?

We believe that refrigerated container-handling terminals are essential to our operations worldwide. Specifically, the American market's demand for fresh produce exports from the South to the North and the interconnected trade routes make this market incredibly valuable. To succeed in this highly competitive market, terminal operators on both ends must handle perishable cargo efficiently. Fortunately, our RTE reefer monitoring products can help these terminals thrive and gain a competitive edge.

4) What are your plans, goals and ambitions for the rest of 2023 and beyond?

It’s been a lively 2023 trade event year, which is exciting for us. The RTE Team enjoys these opportunities to interact directly with those who handle refrigerated cargo. It helps us better understand the challenges terminal operators face. Due to the nature of container terminal operations, these challenges often require unique solutions. Our goals each year have always been to prioritize travel to engage directly with people whose jobs and responsibilities we can make easier through our GRASP automated reefer monitoring solutions.

5) Why do you consider it important to be at TOC Americas?

TOC events offer an excellent opportunity to engage with those involved in container terminal operations. Reefer throughput, which our GRASP monitoring platform supports, remains a significant part of containerized trade in the Americas. Therefore, we must be present and support operational efforts that optimize the management of reefer activities. This year's TOC Americas event is particularly special since RTE's regional office is in this year’s TOC host city, Panama City, Panama. It almost feels like being at home.

6) What message do you have for the TOC community who will be in Panama?

At RTE, we look forward to attending TOC events, especially the Americas conference. It’s always a fun time. Being in Panama City makes it even better for after-hours socializing and networking opportunities. We look forward to seeing you there! And be sure to stop by our RTE booth to learn how reefer automation can make your job easier and safer and help you earn more business.


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